Website Video for Small Business Owners in Norfolk, VA

Website Videos Add Value for Any Business

Website VideoWhy have a website videos for small businesses? They communicate information fast, and they do it by telling a story. A well written video script can tell a story about you and what your business has to offer, who you are and what you can do for them, and just as important, can you be trusted?

In 2 minutes or less, an effective website video can communicate all a viewer needs to know to make a decision about using your product or services,… or not. That’s the magic of video editing.

On TV, money is made in advertising. Online, it is made in connection. With a video you want to connect, grow a following, get people to care about you and what you do.

How to Use Video in Your Business

One method is to hire a professional videographer to shoot a “behind-the-scenes” video of what goes into making your product or service.

Next, simply interview your best customers and ask them about their success, (not yours).

Also, interview your staff members and employees. Let them communicate their passion about your products and services.

Another effective approach is to shoot an educational video. Help viewers better understand and more effectively use your product and service. This is an opportunity to use video to discuss the value added from using your products or services.

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