How to Become a Videographer in the Upcoming Video Marketing Boom

Randall Thorton - VideographerBecome a Video Production Service provider in Norfolk, VA did not happen for me overnight. But, over the next few years the presence of videos will continue to increase on the Internet, and will give videographers more opportunities to show their skills. A few basic choices can enable you to be part of this trend. Here are some tips to help you get ahead.

1. Get the Right Equipment
In other words get a good camera. The present craze is called, a DSLR, the digital single-lens reflex camera. It’s both a video and still camera. It goes way beyond the single CCD camera or a phone camera. The leaders in this market are Nikons and Canons. Lastly, some kind of video editing system will enable you to condense the footage you shoot.

2. Pay Close Attention to Sound
Sound is often ignored, and can be costly. You will need a sound device, some kind of microphone. A videographer once said, “Sound is 75% of a video.”

3. Learn a Bit of Everything.
Learn more about shooting, editing and writing.
I asked my son an internet question and his response was classic; “Dad, all you need to know is on the Internet.” There are online schools like Vimeo Video School, No Film School, and, of course, YouTube. Type your question into Google and see what happens.

4. Build a Video Portfolio
How? Just do it. Find subjects, create a story, and shoot some video. Let it become your passion, as that actually makes it fun. In fact, shoot for fun and art, not money or utility. Last year I went to Tucson and went to Sabino Canyon, which is full of sahuaro cacti. I created a music video that was both challenging and fun.

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